Alya Ergonomic Chair

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The ALYA ergonomic chair understands that some people demand the ultimate ergonomic performance from their chair. The Alya is a true breakthrough in seating design that delivers a personal seating experience that responds to the unique movements of your body. 

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The Alya Ergonomic Chair – A New World Awaits

Experience unparalleled back pain relief with the highly acclaimed and BIFMA endorsed Alya chair. Engineered with a myriad of adjustment features, this top-of-the-line chair goes beyond expectations to enhance your comfort and alleviate back ailments. The premium mesh backrest boasts a customizable lumbar support system, and the synchronous swivel mechanism provides 15 locking positions for optimal posture.

Setting a new standard in chair design and ergonomic comfort, the Alya is more than just ‘another office chair’….the Alya sets the benchmark in chair design, ergonomic comfort and back support.

As you would expect, the Alya comes with a 10-year warranty and a weight rating of 150kg. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace the Alya for a transformative seating experience.

1. Backrest adjustment

The backrest on the Alya can be adjusted to specifically suit your spine and prevent or reduce lower back pain. The synchronous (synchro) mechanism enables you to simultaneously adjust the backrest and seat angle. The backrest and seat move in a fixed 2:1 ratio, meaning for every 2° of backrest movement, the seat will move 1° in the same direction. This motion can be securely locked in any one of 15 positions, or left in an unlocked, free-floating mode. In this mode, the backrest adapts to your movements and maintains continuous contact with your back.

In addition to the customisable lumbar support, the backrest angle can be independently adjusted by up to 10° to create that ‘perfect fit’ for your back. 

alya ergonomic office chair
Supreme comfort and back support
alya ergonomic office chair
Synchro mechanism
alya ergonomic office chair
Lumbar adjustment

2. Seat depth adjustment

The seat slider on the Alya empowers you to fine-tune the seat depth, enabling you to move the seat pan backward or forward to align with the length of your thighs. When you are seated comfortably with your back against the backrest of the chair, there should be a 2-3 finger gap between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees. This practice not only prevents strain behind the knees but also provides optimal upper leg and under thigh support, promoting good blood circulation.

  • For taller individuals with longer legs, a seat slider allows you to INCREASE the seat depth, thereby maintaining a correct ergonomic seated posture. Conversely, a shorter person should consider REDUCING the seat depth. If the seat is excessively long (deep), anyone with shorter legs might find themselves sitting on the front edge of the seat, leading to a lack of adequate back support.
  • If you have a coccyx-related issue, a chair featuring seat depth adjustment can be invaluable. This customisation capability allows you to tailor the seat depth to alleviate pressure on the coccyx, contributing to enhanced comfort and wellbeing.
alya ergonomic office chair
Seat depth adjustment

3. Armrest adjustment

Naturally the armrests on the Alya are multi-adjustable. This allows you to position the supporting pads for optimum comfort while you work.

In addition to vertical height adjustment, the arm pads can be adjusted horizontally and also pivoted inwards/outwards.

alya ergonomic office chair
Armrest height and depth adjustment
alya ergonomic office chair
Armrest pad pivot adjustment
  • Weight Rating 150kg.
  • Quality certification by BIFMA.
  • Ergonomic Certification by TÜV SÜD.
  • Environmental Certification by GREENGUARD.
  • Mesh headrest with 5 levels of height adjustment; 45 degree rotation and 35 degree angle adjustment.
  • Premium black mesh backrest.
  • Independent backrest angle adjustment by 10 degrees.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Upholstered seat with high-density automotive grade moulded foam.
  • Seat depth adjustment.
  • Multi-adjustable armrests.
  • Synchronous mechanism with 15 locking positions.

No assembly required.

This chair is delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa free-of-charge and is FULLY ASSEMBLED.
Simply unpack the box and start using your chair!

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The Alya has a 10-YEAR warranty.

Our warranty covers all faulty workmanship and material, as well as any latent defects.
Find out more on our Warranty Terms & Conditions

The Alya has a synchronous mechanism that promotes Dynamic Sitting.

alya ergonomic office chairDynamic sitting occurs in an office chair that is fitted with a mechanism that allows the angle between the backrest and seat to change. By continuously changing this angle, you automatically stimulate, or activate various muscles in your lower back, core and legs. As a result, the blood flow through these muscles increases, bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles and carrying away the waste products of muscle metabolism. By doing so, muscle fatigue and it’s associated pain is reduced, particularly in the lower back, core and legs.

A synchro mechanism ensures that the movement of the backrest is always greater than that of the seat.

The tilt mechanism on this chair allows the seat and backrest to move relative to each other in a fixed 2:1 ratio.
In other words, for every 1 degree that the seat tilts, the backrest will move 2 degrees in the same direction.

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