Heathrow 24/7 Heavy Duty Orthopedic Chair

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With its free-float mechanism and dual density seat foam, the Heathrow is a true HEAVY DUTY orthopedic chair. Available with multi-adjustable armrests and seat-depth adjustment. All the components in this heavy duty chair have been designed to out-perform and out-last any conventional office chair. Designed for Big & Tall users as well as 24/7 operations. What is a heavy duty office chair? The Heathrow is rated for up to 180kg and comes with a 10 year standard usage warranty, or 5 years when used 24/7.

heathrow heavy duty orthopaedic office chair

R8470 incl VAT

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Heathrow Heavy-Duty Orthopedic Chair

The Heathrow heavy-duty orthopedic chair is unique in South Africa….no other chair is able to boast such an impressive array of features. Starting with a 180kg weight rating, dual-density seat foam, and a Free-Float mechanism, the Heathrow is a true orthopedic chair. Add multi-adjustable armrests and seat-depth adjustment, and it’s no wonder that the Heathrow has been in a class of its own for more than 20 years. 

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