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ergonomic chair
Mike Karle

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

According to Ergonomic Trends, “an Ergonomic Chair is one that not only follows best practices in terms of proven ergonomic design, but is highly adjustable to cater to different people

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causes of upper and lower back pain are often related to workplace ergonomics
Ronel Hendry

Back pain in the workplace

80% of office workers report having back pain at some point in their careers. Causes of upper and lower back pain are often attributed to poor workplace ergonomics.

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kneeling work chair
Achim Roetger

Kneeling Chairs

What are the pros and cons of a kneeling chair? The Wellback kneeling chair has been the benchmark kneeler in South Africa since 1986.

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desk chair for office
Achim Roetger

Desk Chair

Desk chairs in South Africa can range from under R1000 to well over R13000. What to look for when buying a new desk chair for your home or office.

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