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There are a large variety of office and desk chairs for sale in South Africa, and they can range from under R1000 to well over R13000. No one type of chair is necessarily the best, but there are some things that are important to look for when you buy a new chair. Making the wrong choice can be expensive and may be bad for your long-term health. The 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong office chair. 

Typically, an office chair that is incorrectly adjusted and/or poorly designed, will result in one or more of the following health-related ailments:

    1. Computer vision syndrome (CVS), a combination of eye irritation, dryness, double vision and blurred vision caused by working on a computer for hours on end.
    2. Back, neck and shoulder pain that is often due to an incorrectly adjusted chair, desk and computer monitor. The perfect home office setup.
    3. Wrist and hand pain which is attributed to incorrect positioning and use of the keyboard and mouse. 
"Whether you go to an office every day or are one of the many people who now work from home, creating a workspace with an ergonomically correct desk, chair and computer monitor position can go a long way to prevent back, neck, wrist and shoulder pains formally known as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)."

Just like the shoes you wear, your office chair is a very personal thing.
There is no, and never will be, a “one size fits all”.

7 questions to ask yourself before buying an ergonomic desk chair

To help you buy a suitable office chair, ask yourself the following questions before making your purchase:

  1. Do I need an Ergonomic or orthopedic chair? What is an Ergonomic Chair?
  2. How tall am I and how high is my desk, and therefore what is the correct height for my desk, computer monitor and office chair?
  3. Do I need a heavy-duty chair, and if so, what are the key features of Heavy Duty Desk Chairs?
  4. How many hours each day will I be sitting on the chair? How to Protect Your Health in the Age of the Office Chair.
  5. Will I use the chair for gaming and computer work? Why an ergonomic chair is better than a gaming chair.
  6. Do I need armrests on my chair? If so, which type of armrests do I need?
  7. What is my budgetCheap office chairs – what do they REALLY cost me?
ergonomic office desk chair for sale in south africa

By answering the above questions, you will have a far better understanding of the type of desk chair you need for your home or work office.

6 important features found on any good desk office chair

desk chair gas height adjustment
Desk chair height adjustment

1. Seat Height Adjustment on Desk Chairs


A seat height adjustment range between 41cm and 53cm works for most people. This allows you to have your feet flat on the ground and your thighs slightly sloping downwards towards your knees.

What is the correct height for my desk, computer monitor and office chair?

2. Seat Width and Depth on Desk Chairs

The seat on a desk chair should have enough width and depth to provide comfortable support. A width of 43cm – 50cm is standard. The depth of the seat (from the front to the back of the seat), should allow you to sit with your back against the backrest while leaving a gap between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat that is about the size of your fist.

If you are short, you should reduce the seat depth. If you are taller and have long legs, you should increase the seat depth. This will allow you to use the backrest correctly and reduce pressure on the back of your thighs. Best Office Chairs for Tall People

For anyone above average height, a desk chair with seat depth adjustment is a "must-have"
desk chair
Desk chair seat & backrest angle adjustment

3. Seat and Backrest Angle Adjustment

An adjustable seat and backrest angle is a standard feature on all our Ergonomic chairs and Orthopedic desk chairs.

On an orthopedic chair, the forward tilt of the seat is limited to about 50. The purpose of a forward sloping seat is to ensure that your knees are below the level of your hips while you are sitting. What actually happens to your body when you sit?

4. Adjustable Lumbar Support

To help reduce the possibility of lower back pain, an ergonomic desk chair should have a lumbar adjustment so that it correctly supports the inward curve of your lower back. Back support for office chairs – why it’s important

Lumbar support adjustment should not be "optional" on your new desk chair
an ergonomic chair provides back pain relief

5. The Backrest

Usually desk chairs for sale in South Africa will have a backrest 30cm – 48cm wide. It should be adjustable so that it supports the natural curve of your spine with special attention paid to the lumbar region.

Both mesh and upholstered backrests are popular, and really it’s a matter of personal choice. A good mesh backrest moulds itself to the shape of your back and allows your body to breathe.

6. Armrests for Desk Chairs

Office chair armrests should be adjustable. They should allow your arms to rest comfortably and your shoulders should be relaxed.


Do your homework. Buying a cheap desk chair may offer short-term budget relief, but could become costly in the longer term as it begins to impact your health and productivity. Test various models and find a chair that suits YOU. Remember….there is no, and never will be, a “one size fits all”. Contact one of our Team Members for more information and advice.

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