Ergonomic Chairs

An Ergonomic Chair is one that has been designed to correctly support your body while you are sitting. These chairs have a number of features that improve your posture and comfort while you work. To accommodate different body shapes and sizes, ergonomic chairs are highly adjustable.

If you have a non-chronic back, neck or shoulder problem and you spend the majority of your day in a seated position, you should be sitting on an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic and Orthopedic chairs: Features & Differences

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ErgoCurve Ergonomic Chair

R5799R6023 incl VAT

Rio Ergonomic Chair

R3778R3906 incl VAT

Vera Ergonomic Chair

R5665R5875 incl VAT

Mira Ergonomic Chair

R5875R6085 incl VAT

Fenix Ergonomic Chair

R5985R6195 incl VAT

Leila Ergonomic Chair

R4321R4477 incl VAT

Activ Ergonomic Chair

R6505R6715 incl VAT

Alya Ergonomic Chair

R13718R13926 incl VAT