Ergonomics in the Workplace

Reduce back, neck and should pain caused by sitting too much, or sitting incorrectly.

Step into our showroom and you will be greeted by an Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitator. They will assess your posture and advise you on an ergonomic or orthopedic chair, together with an adjustable desk and other accessories to reduce your back, neck and shoulder pain. 

There is no hard sell or pressure to buy. We want to solve your back problem and find the solution that is right for YOU. Your health comes first at the Wellback Shop. 

Ergonomic & Orthopedic Chairs

Ergonomic and orthopedic chairs are often thought to be the same, and unfortunately the term is frequently used interchangeably. However the chairs are quite different from both a functionality and an application perspective. So what are the differences?

What is an ERGONOMIC chair?

Ergonomic chairs help prevent back problems caused by sitting for long periods.

An Ergonomic Chair is one that has been designed to correctly support your body while you are sitting. These chairs have a number of features that improve your posture and comfort while you work. To accommodate different body shapes and sizes, ergonomic chairs are highly adjustable.

If you have a non-chronic back, neck or shoulder problem and you spend the majority of your day in a seated position, you should be sitting on an ergonomic chair.

What is an ORTHOPEDIC chair?

Orthopedic chairs alleviate the impact of sitting on existing medical preconditions of the lower back.

An Orthopedic Chair is recommended for anyone who has chronic lower back pain. An orthopedic chair must have a forward-tilting seat function that reduces the rotation of the pelvis when sitting down. This decreases the disc pressure in the lumbar region of the back while you are seated.

Compared to an ergonomic chair, an orthopedic chair has additional features to ensure the chair can be adjusted to specifically address chronic lower back pain.

Height Adjustable Desks & Ergonomic Accessories

Sitting for most of the day can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Having the right chair plays a huge role in improving your posture and reducing the incidence of back, neck and shoulder pain. Because our bodies are all different, the final “piece of the jigsaw” is including an adjustable desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing while you work.

Height Adjustable Desks

A height adjustable desk can improve your posture and reduce the negative effects of sitting all day.

Alternating between sitting and standing while you work can help your posture and reduce fatigue. The longer you stay seated, the more likely you are to let posture slide, leading to episodes of back and neck pain. Standing up engages your back, core and leg muscles and improves your posture. 

Ergonomic Accessories

Because we are all different, simple ergonomic accessories can mitigate the negative effects of sitting all day. 

Ergonomic accessories like footrests, Microdesk document holders and monitor stands not only improve comfort, but can reduce neck and shoulder strain and help prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Watch the video!

Maintain a healthy posture and reduce the incidence of lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

This video shows you how to correctly adjust your chair, desk, monitor and workstation accessories. 

Customised Product Solutions

Because you are unique, you demand an ergonomic or orthopedic chair that is tailored to YOUR specific needs.

Our broad range of office chairs, adjustable desks and accessories are ergonomically designed to improve the health of YOUR back.

We have been designing ergonomic office chairs since 1986. We know what works.

ergonomic study chair with headrest

Our People

Our highly trained Office Ergonomics Risk Facilitators will help you find a chair and desk solution that is right for YOU.

Your health comes first at the Wellback Shop