What is an executive office chair?

An ergonomic executive desk chair is a comfortable premium type of office chair with a high back that provides support the entire upper body. Executive chairs are an icon. Their height and quality conveys authority, or in other words, it’s the ‘bosses chair’. The executive chair commands power with a tall, elegant back, sturdy arms and up-market upholstery (traditionally in leather). Short of buying a throne, sitting on an executive chair is a signal to everyone else that simply says….“I am in charge”.

Standard features of a modern executive office desk chair

Today, executive seating is not just about image. The high back and superior ergonomic features guarantee that next-level of comfort. What is an ergonomic office chair?

The distinguishing feature of ergonomic executive office chairs is a backrest with a headrest that provides a comfortable support for your neck and head. Additional standard features typically include:

What is the difference between executive and task office chairs?

The single key feature that differentiates ergonomic executive office chairs from their task or operators counterparts, is the addition of an adjustable headrest. Most of our ergonomic chairs are available with or without a headrest….the choice is yours!

Why buy an executive chair?

Although executive chairs are aimed at managers and other senior people within an organisation, they are also perfect for anyone who is:

    • Above average height and needs more upper back support.
    • Looking to create a lasting first impression with visitors and clients.
    • Working in a control room or call centre that operates 24/7 and requires a heavy duty chair. What is a heavy duty office chair?
    • After a stylish and comfortable chair for their work or home office.
    • An avid gamer who wants better back support and likes to recline while playing. What is a Gaming Office Chair?
fenix executive ergonomic office chair
The Fenix is a typical modern executive office chair

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