Wellback Kneeling Chair

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Originally developed by Karo in 1986, the design is based on understanding what happens to your body when you sit. The underlying principle of a kneeling posture chair is to maintain an ‘open’ pelvis while you are sitting. This reduces the strain in your lower back that normally occurs when you sit on a conventional chair. An ‘open’ pelvis is when the angle between your spine and thighs is greater than 100 degrees. The pelvic angle on the Wellback Kneeling Chair is 110 degrees, which is ideal. How does a kneeling chair work? The Wellback Kneeling Chair is rated to 120kg and has a 12 month warranty.

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Wellback Kneeling Chair

The Wellback has set the benchmark for kneeling or posture chairs in South Africa since 1986. The 110 degree trunk-thigh angle has been found to strike the perfect balance between reducing the rotation of the pelvis (and therefore the pressure in the lumbar discs), without resulting in excessive weight being placed on the knees/shins. This remarkable lightweight product is easy to use and may provide instant relief for anyone with chronic lower back pain.

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