High Back Office Chair

An ergonomic high back office chair provides support the entire upper body. These chairs are often seen as a status symbol and send a signal that simply says….“I am in charge”. Other than being an icon, are there any other reasons why an executive chair is a good idea?

Modern Executive Chairs

In this day and age, executive office furniture is far more functional than what it was even 20 years ago. Senior managers insist on desks and chairs that include all the state-of-the-art ergonomic features. What is an ergonomic chair? Furthermore, height adjustable desks are common, and chairs must be exceptionally comfortable and provide superior ergonomic support.

Standard features of a modern High Back Office Chair

An executive chair should guarantee that next-level of comfort. In some instances, this may include leather upholstery. What is the difference between Leather, Bonded Leather or Faux Leather? 

Standard features typically include:

When should you buy a High Back Office Chair?

While executive chairs are naturally aimed at managers and other senior people within an organisation, they are also perfect for anyone who is:

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